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ADOGO Dog feeder with treat dispenser


SMART DESIGN - The Feeder Dog Puzzle toy has 22 processing compartments and 9 moving pieces to keep your dog busy while teaching them problem-solving skills.



❤ Paying attention to the customer experience is our ADOGO mission.

❤ If you're tired of the feeder that the pet doesn't eat, worry that the pet will eat too fast and cause indigestion. Then our dog puzzle toy won't leave you disappointed.

Product features:
☞The dog feeder is made of high-quality ABS. Safe, non-toxic, non-slip, durable, tear-resistant and easy to wash. Enjoy a happy time with a puppy.
☞ The dog feeder features 22 treat compartments and 9 moving parts to keep your dog busy while teaching him to solve problems. The dog feeder makes puppy needs work for food and get rid of laziness.
☞ This dog toy is full of fun. Not only does it need the puppy to smell the food, but it also moves the puzzle to get the food. Train the dog's intelligence and strength. This interactive feeding toy is a great way to engage and entertain your dog.
☞ The dog feeder is easy to clean. Simply hand wash with soap and water, rinse and dry. Slowing down feeding helps your dog prevent bloating and maintain his health.

Product features :
1. Color: pink/blue.
2. Material: ABS.
3. Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 3 cm.
Weight: approx. 0.4 kg.
5. Suitable for: small dog/dog/medium dog.

※ Large dogs and very destructive dogs may not be suitable for dog feeder toys.
※ Snack may get stuck in the groove next to the sliding door, please pay attention to clean.

1 puzzle dog feeder.