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Mekeet : Robust rubber chew ball

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Entertainment: the ball is a perfect gift for your pet to fetch and play games to interact with you. You can also put food or treats in the grooves to increase his interest.

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The non-toxic, bite-resistant rubber ball is the perfect gift for your adorable pet.

This dog toy is made of durable natural rubber material, is non-toxic, soft, strong and bite-resistant so your dog can clean and teethe. Your pets will no longer feel lonely and the relationship between you and your pet will be closer with this interesting colorful ball to chew. The ball is excellent for rolling and throwing, and also very easy to clean. It's great company for your dog when he has to stay home alone.

Material: non-toxic silicone rubber.
Diameter: 7 cm.
Color: red, green, blue, yellow.

Package contents :
1 toy ball for pets.

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Red, Green, Blue, Yellow